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Favorite store of the week - Mom's The Word

Elyse Clark

Because Moms are beautiful creatures on this planet of ours, we decided today to write about the store Mom's The Word, in our weekly column, favorite store of the week! Check it out!

Mom's The Word is a shop that was created 17 years ago in the Bay Area, after the owner, Sarah Pollak, just had her second child. Getting dressed in the morning was one of her favorite activities that she wanted to share with all the pregnant (or post-pregnant) women in the world who have no idea what to wear!

The store just opened their first boutique in Los Angeles, on July 1st, taking over TEN's old space on W 3rd street. Sarah Pollak stated "People from LA kept coming into our stores up north and telling us we needed to be [here], and we listen to our customers. [West 3rd] just felt right, like it was the time, and this was the place."

 7952 W 3rd St Los Angeles, CA 90048

7952 W 3rd St
Los Angeles, CA 90048