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The Meaning of Neutral Colors

The Edge

The Edge, a high fashion lifestyle blog providing you with the best insider tips on how to dress and when. 

The Meaning of Neutral Colors

Elyse Clark


One of the most important things to understand when dressing yourself is colors. 

Each color has a different meaning that you might want to pay attention to if you want to reflect that (or not!) in your outfit!

Today, we will be talking about neutral colors, so here is a quick recap on what those colors mean.

  • Black: means sophistication, authority and mystery. Black is a great staple color to wear, and it is definitely a safe color. However, wearing all black, head to toe might mean that you are hiding behind it or that you lack imagination; so make sure you mix it up!


  • Gray: means security, stability and strength. Gray and black have many similarities in the meaning of their color. Therefore, you should never wear an all gray outfit; or if you do, make sure you wear different shades, like mixing charcoal and pewter in one outfit!


  • Brown: means structure, support and down-to-earth. If you are tired of wearing black and gray, brown is a great alternative and it comes with many, many different shades! It is especially trendy right now if you decide to wear a camel suede jacket for example ;-) Just make sure you never wear all brown and use the shades that suit your skin tone!


  • Beige: means dependable, conservative and relaxing. Wearing beige makes you appear more trustworthy to other people, so it is definitely the color to wear if you have a job where communicating with people face-to-face is a common occurrence! It is also a great color to rock during the summer!


  • White: means purity, hope and freshness. Obviously, you cannot have a complete wardrobe without white pieces in it, they are absolutely essential! White is one of my favorite colors to wear at the moment - even though it is not supposed to be a color per say - and they can come in multiple forms! Wearing textured fabric is great, like silk or denim, and it is the best color to wear during the summer!

We hope these descriptions were helpful; and as you know, if you need a deep color consultation, email us and we will be thrilled to work with you!