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How to Organize Your Current Wardrobe

The Edge

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How to Organize Your Current Wardrobe

Elyse Clark


We are back this week to help you organize your current wardrobe.

Have you always been struggling with the mess that is your closet? Do you have so many clothes and have no idea how to make sense out of it all?

We are here to help! Remember: if you do not want to do this all on your own, shoot us an email and we will come to you to help you organize your wardrobe!

I know it might be tough, but you do have to know that, in order to move forward, you will have to get rid of some - or a lot - of things you currently own, depending on your needs.

You should get all your clothes out of your closet for now and make 3 different piles:

  1. Clothes that you absolutely WANT to keep
  2. Clothes that you NEED to keep
  3. What you can donate, sell, or throw away


The 1st and 3rd pile are usually easy to make since you know what you want to keep and get rid of. The 2nd pile however might be a little tougher, so here is a little guide to help you through it:

  • The clothes that you need to keep are your basics that are needed in every person's closet (LBD, white shirt, classic ballet flats, a good blazer, a good suit...)
  • While making a list of the basics you already own, keep in mind that they are not necessarily the same for everyone. Of course, you should keep a professional outfit in case of an interview/meeting or something; but if your job or life doesn't require you to look super professional all the time, there's no need in having more.
  • Once you know your basics, the leftover clothes will also have to go into the 3rd pile - sorry!
  • You can now put piles 1 & 2 back in your closet and take care of pile 3 however you'd like!


We hope today's tips were helpful and we will see you all next week for more!