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What to do When Shopping on Your Own

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What to do When Shopping on Your Own

Elyse Clark

Hey everyone!

When you have no idea how to shop for yourself, going to stores and picking out clothes can be dreadful and you might not know where to go, what to pick and have buyer's regrets.

Your goal is to avoid that as much as possible and plan out your shopping trips so that you will never be disappointed when shopping again!

Obviously, if you have no interest in doing so on your own and need help, you know who to email :)

Since we haven't gone into much details for this series yet, we would advise you to only shop for the basics you are currently missing in your wardrobe for now.

Depending on the budget you have at the moment, you should keep these few things in mind while shopping for your new basics:

  • Make a list of what you need and stick to it
  • Wear something easy enough to take off and on while trying out clothes
  • Set your budget per item
  • Make sure what you are trying on really fits and looks good on you
  • Be careful with overpriced items

You are all set to go shopping on your own now; the first tip being the most important one: make a list the same way you would when going to the grocery store (yes, you read right!) and you will avoid any buyer's regrets!

See you next week!