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The Meaning of Bright Colors

The Edge

The Edge, a high fashion lifestyle blog providing you with the best insider tips on how to dress and when. 

The Meaning of Bright Colors

Elyse Clark

Hey everyone!

Last week we talked about the meaning of neutral colors. 

This week, we will focus on a few main bright colors. This list is obviously non-exhaustive as there are a lot more different colors than just this selection. However, these colors are the most common bright colors to wear and it is really important for you to know their meaning.

  • Blue: means peace, confidence and logic. It is often considered as an "official" color, like in police uniforms for example. In our everyday wardrobes, there are SO MANY shades of blue that we can use and all throughout the year - darker for the winter, lighter during the summer!


  • Pink: means romance, sensitivity and femininity. Pink is definitely THE womanly color. It is great to add some touches of pink in our wardrobes, even if it might not be our favorite color! The big plus with this color is that it can brighten up any outfit that will be too plain and looks good with every complexion!


  • Purple: means creativity, magic and spirituality. Is this why Madame Irma is portrayed with a purple scarf on her head in movies? Probably! Purple is such a great alternative to darker colors like navy or black for example. It usually has a great effect on other people so if you tend to never wear purple because you're afraid of it, give it a try sometime with an accessory like a bag or a scarf!


  • Red: means energy, passion and danger. If you need an extra boost or extra energy for the day, red will be your go-to color! Your only challenge will be to know how to choose the right undertone (blue or yellow); and make sure you choose your lipstick accordingly! It will have to be in the same shade but can be darker or lighter!


  • Green: means relaxation, money and environment. Brighten up your day with the right shade of green! I know we are not leprechauns, but green reflects luck and general happiness on other people! However, just like with red, make sure you choose the right undertone for your skin color!

We really hope these tips were helpful; as always, feel free to shoot us an email if you need in-person consulting on what colors would work best for you!