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Los Angeles based personal shopper, personal stylist, and image consultant. 


Why hire a personal stylist?

The goal of the new Personal Shopper LA is to help you build your everyday wardrobe and define your style. To accomplish this goal, your stylist will work with you in styling sessions to help you identify the few key pieces you should purchase each season and show you how you can wear them with pieces you’ve purchased during previous styling sessions

What is a styling session?

Styling sessions are the individual conversations you have with your stylist about particular styling needs, usually focused on a single category of clothing (like tops, denim, or shoes).

Each styling session is based on a single lookbook that your stylist revises until you find something you’d like to purchase. The standard format for these lookbooks is three pages of suggested products followed by at least one page of head-to-toe looks that demonstrate how you can wear some of your stylist’s new suggestions with pieces you’ve purchased in the past.

What is my wardrobe?

This first version of your wardrobe is a history of all the pieces you’ve purchased through Stylist Los Angeles. Your stylist uses your wardrobe as a reference so she can style new pieces she suggests for you with pieces you’ve purchased in the past.

Over the coming months, we will be adding new capabilities and features to this wardrobe to make it a valuable and interactive tool for both you and your stylist.

What is a Lookbook?

A Lookbook is a collection of items and head-to-toe Looks for shopping inspiration, exclusively curated for you by your Stylist. On average, our Stylists spend 1-2 hours per Lookbook. Based on your style, color, and sizing preferences, your Stylist will put together multiple Looks and will provide styling tips and introduce new styles you might be interested in.